" . . ." is the sixth video in the EverymanHYBRID series and the first of the "hidden" videos. It takes place after the events in the latter half of Healthy Eating as the EverymanHYBRID crew deals with what they believe to be a bad prank and the series really starts to get into gear.

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[Hybrids driving. The beginning of "Who Could Win a Rabbit?" plays.]

[Cut to Evan's(?) house]

Jeff: Do we really go on with this?

[Cut to darkness. "Who Could Win a Rabbit?" plays again, keys jangle, grass rustles]

[Cut back to house]

Vince: I mean, I want to, but we need to figure out who-

[Evan coughs in the background]

Vince:-broke into Evan's house.

[Cut to the Hybrids coming down the stairs after the events of "Episode 6- Healthy Eating"]

Vince: Alright, so Evan, there is kind of a plus side to all this- Slenderman breaking-into-your-house business.

(Jeff, in the background: I mean, whatever Nick...)

Vince: I mean, think about it. Nick had a pretty good suit on. You gotta admit that. I mean, sure, he broke into your house and took it too far- but we could, we could use that.

[Cut to the music again with footage of trees from "EverymanHYBRID #1- Introduction"]

[Cut back to house. Evan coughs]

Jeff: I'm all for prankers and pranks

Vince: A prank... I mean- us, the king of pranks, but this, this really took it too far I think.

Jeff: His-his parent's room, dude.

[Cut to Hybrids running up the stairs they were walking down on earlier in the video, presumably before the major event of "Healthy Eating". The music plays again]

Someone (Vince?): Go, go.

[Cut back to house. Evan continues to cough in the background]

Vince: And not only that, but, they didn't stick around to be like, "Ohh, we got you," here's the unmasking!

Jeff: That's sorta- that's, -

Vince: Yeah.

Jeff: -that's what irritates me.

[Cut to Hybrids driving, filming a park. Music again]

Jeff: Like, okay, yeah, "you're in my house,"- where are you?

Vince: Yeah. At least, own up to it, yeah. But I think- Nick, maybe?

Jeff: I dunno... he's not that bright,-

[Evan begins to sharpen knives in the background]

Jeff:- I mean, yeah, you can go, "he loves to joke," [Laughs]

Vince: Exactly.

Jeff: He's not that bright.

Vince: But he's not that bright! So he wouldn't know to be like, "Oh. Here I am". Y'know?

[Cut to short snippet of music and trees]

[Cut back to house]

Jeff:...maybe, i dunno. I just know it's not sitting very well.

Vince: The one thing that gets me... the only thing that really gets me is where did he go?

[Evan, who has been sharpening his knives still, pauses for a moment]

[Cut to the stairs, after the "Healthy Eating" events, very likely directly after the last cut to the stairs and after the events]

Evan: Yeah! Golly, good for him! Thanks, yeah. Let's- let's write him a little note, uh, that says, "Hey, bro. Thanks for being Slenderman, thanks for giving us this awesome footage, but, um, I would just like to add a "P.S." that-

[Cut back to house]

Vince: But how did he- how did he get out of the room?

[Evan increases the pace of his knife sharpening]'s a second story window.

[Jeff looks behind him at Evan]

Jeff: Uh, I just know it's all [garbled], dude. I dunno. Does he [read the something]?

Vince: [Sighs] I mean, I understand... he's been acting a little weird. Even before that. Y'know?

[Jeff laughs. Looks back at Evan who is completely zoned out while sharpening his knives.]

Vince: [Sighs] Oh well.-

Jeff: [To Evan] You alright, man?

Vince: -Let's get the show on the road. You ready Ev? [Vince picks up camera] Let's get to filming.

[Evan stops sharpening, looks at Vince]

Evan: Yeah, let's-

[Cut back to the stairs, directly after the last stairs shot]

Evan: -he ever breaks into my house again I'll cut off his legs and shove them down his throat.

Vince: Uh! Yeah, I know. I know.

Evan: We should use it though, it was pretty sick.

[Jeff and Vince laugh, agree]

Vince: Alright, let's do it.

[Cut to door from Healthy Eating slamming shut. Audio distortion]


  • Evan's coughing is one of the symptoms associated with exposure to the Slenderman. Irritability and paranoia are also associated side effects.
  • Evan's notorious love for knives is on display in this video - in the background, during Jeff and Vinny's discussion he is rapidly sharpening a large carving knife and doesn't stop until he's called out by the others.
  • The video's title is the Morse Code representation of the letter S.
  • The first few seconds of this video are the only part of the "hidden" videos that the crew has seen.
  • In the song Who Could Win A Rabbit by Animal Collective, the word "habit" is mentioned quite frequently:
    • Bad mind, let me put on good habits / Been working, can't put on good habits / Sometimes I can't find my good habits/ But you could win a rabbit! Here's to Berlin habit with a ripple / Rabbit or a habit? Habit or a rib? Rabbit or a habit? Habit or a rib? Rabbit or a habit?

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