Angora Chat is the primary hub for real-time discussion of the EverymanHYBRID series and other works in the Slender Man Mythos. It was originally created as a response to the beginning of Trial 2, to decide on a united Angora vote, by RABBIT#076, but has become an unofficial hub of communication for all the Rabbits as the Trials progress. Non-Rabbits and general fans are also welcomed.

The chat is visited on occasion by Jeff, under the nickname of [J]. Any new information from his visits can be seen here. HABIT has also made reference to the Chat, though considers himself above 'wasting time' in it; it is theorized that he observes on occasion. Evan has also visted once under the nickname of [E].

Characters from other works in the Mythos have also appeared in Angora. For more information, see this page: Other Slender Man Mythos References in EMH.

The name of the IRC Channel is #habitsangora.

EMH/Trial discussion usually takes place during the release of a new video/tweet/trial. For the rest of the time, the chat is usually occupied by off-topic randomness and other forms of discussion. (If you want more in-depth discussion, you can check out the Unfiction and Something Awful threads linked on the front page of this wiki.) Please keep content below NC-17 levels. Otherwise, feel free to drop by.

NOTE: mibbit's channels are routinely destroyed after a certain period of no use, and as such the chat has been registered and remade on several occasions. The likelihood of the chat being registered and running during long hiatuses is small, and should only be checked in times of consistent or major EMH activity. There is a small handful of HYBRIDs who already keep this vigil and have sufficient knowledge to re-register and operate the chat quickly, when needed.

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