Angora Chat is the primary hub for real-time discussion of the EverymanHYBRID series and other works in the Slender Man Mythos. It was originally created as a response to the beginning of Trial 2, to decide on a united Angora vote, by RABBIT#076, but has become an unofficial hub of communication for all the Rabbits as the Trials progress. Non-Rabbits and general fans are also welcomed.

The chat is visited on occasion by Jeff, under the nickname of [J]. Any new information from his visits can be seen here. HABIT has also made reference to the Chat, though considers himself above 'wasting time' in it; it is theorized that he observes on occasion. Evan has also visted once under the nickname of [E].

Characters from other works in the Mythos have also appeared in Angora. For more information, see this page: Other Slender Man Mythos References in EMH.

The name of the IRC Channel is #habitsangora.

EMH/Trial discussion usually takes place during the release of a new video/tweet/trial. For the rest of the time, the chat is usually occupied by off-topic randomness and other forms of discussion. (If you want more in-depth discussion, you can check out the Unfiction and Something Awful threads linked on the front page of this wiki.) Please keep content below NC-17 levels. Otherwise, feel free to drop by.

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