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    By, I made this "remix" thingamajigger, of the EverymanHYBRID video Dead End With a Pulse. Here it is.

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  • ToatallyPasta

    Today I found out the personal channel of the EMH crew, just thought it might be good to share it here. I appologize to the people living in fantasy land who thought the series was real.

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  • Deadmanrising13

    Some Assitance

    August 15, 2012 by Deadmanrising13

    Hello HYBRIDS! I thought you guys would like to know something about your current "situation". Look for Jay of Marble Hornets, and use him to trace to a man who goes by ToTheArk. Also it might be smart to keep moving. Also Evan is quite unstable. He is under the influence of Slender. He is what we call a Proxy. It is imparative you STAY AWAY from him. Proxy's are notorious for being violent and often times deadly. On a final note I have a name for the creature you have yet to that has killed your friends (I know it's a touchy subject). "The Rake"

    Good Luck HYBRIDS,


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  • MadLarkin

    Hello Everybody,

    I am very new to this whole thing, so please tell me if I am posting this in the correct location.

    A thought occured to me that I am unsure has been brought up before, if it has, forgive me.

    The radio found in Dr. Corinthal's storage shed. The one that reacts to Evan's blood. It sounds like a detector, something that was hinted toward in one of the Corinthal letters, the one found in Box Six. At the end of the document:

    You see that the question is posed:

    "After giving him a rundown on the basics of radiation and the wave-animator software we had (he seemed

    somewhat familiar in the field as it was) we both remained equally confused. The only thin…

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