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Box 2 Unwrapped

Box #2 was found at the coordinates N 40 15 44.57, W -074 38 52.94.

The coordinates were sent to Damsel and first posted as a pic on her blog.

It was was retrieved by SA member Quiddler, and the information then mirrored by Unforum member Docjowles. This box was longer than the previous one, with a sliding top, and once again had various phrases written upon it. This box contained some sort of porcelain jewelry or bauble, with one side showing a black bird and the other having the word "HABIT" written and underlined in marker; an EverymanHYBRID business card, with the EH name blacked out and the Slenderman drawn crudely beneath the tree; and another folded piece of paper, this one marked 2/7, bearing the message, "Time and space flee every which way, disregarding your beloved logic."

Exterior TextEdit

Like Box #1, Box #2 also has some exterior writing.



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