On May 8th at 8:34 p.m. HABIT (presumably) tweeted "DON'T TELL VINNY" using the main EMH twitter account. It was accompanied by a photo of Jeff.

In the photo, Jeff is shown from behind with blood on his face. Written in marker on his back is "GREEN FEATHERS", referring to TheGreenFeathers, the only fan who showed up at the November 21 Meetup and also the finder of Box 1.

A few days later Green Feathers posted a video entitled Box 6 which showed him retrieving a knife with a note and some ink ribbon from a wooded location. He said in the video description that he had been emailed the coordinates of the location.

The next day Green Feathers tweeted "Having some family over; I'll upload the contents of what I've found ASAP, today." A few hours later he posted scans of the knife, the note, which was The Corenthal Journal Dated 11-12-1990, and The Ink Ribbon which was readable as well, and contained an account of Dr. Corenthal finding Steph in her room unconscious, the apparent victim of an overdose.

Below Green Feathers' name on the original photo are the characters "+7" which seems to refer to the seven remaining Rabbits who, as part of what HABIT called "Extra Innings" in the Seven Trials, were sent pieces of ink ribbon (among other items) that continued the document on the ink ribbon Green Feathers retrieved with this box.


  • It was initially unclear if this was intended to be Box 6 or 7. However a closer examination of The Jester's Prize, originally thought to be Box 6, made it clear that THIS was the true Box 6 and that The Jester's Prize was not a numbered Box.
  • Ink ribbon is an old technology from typewriters where there was a ribbon that had the ink on it. It would progress every time you hit a letter, so you got fresh ink each time, but the letters would also leave an impression on the ribbon so you could go back and read what had been written on the typewriter by reading the ribbon.

The ink ribbon pieces received by the Rabbits as part of their Extra Innings Prizes appear to be continuations of the document created with the ink ribbon found here.

The Caches
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