Does anyone elses dog do this?
Does anyone elses dog do this?01:01

Does anyone elses dog do this?


October 01, 2010

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Heavy Breathing

"Does anyone elses dog do this?" is the third video posted on Alex's WickedStickyAlex channel. Alex's dog has been acting strangely, scratching Alex's closet door.


[Alex's room, night. Sparky is at the door of the closet scratching at it repeatedly. She whines.]

Unknown Voice/The Rake: [Throughout the video a breathy-whispering voice repeats "your brother" or "younger brother" over and over.]

Alex: What?

[Sparky barks quietly a few times, then the screen goes to black. Alex gets up and moves to the closet, panning across the clothes hanging there. He steps back and Sparky moves back into the closet and scratches again.]


  • Voices that are usually heard when The Rake is near can be heard.
  • Some also say they can hear a female voice mixed with The Rake's. Many say it sounds like Jessa's saying "help me".
  • There are two voices accompanying the rake, one in the left channel and one in the right. The one in the right seems to be saying "I can't breath" while the one in the left seems to be almost crying out for help, "Help brother, Let me out (up?) brother, bro-o-othe-e-rr."

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