The EverymanHYBRID logo used as their Twitter and Youtube avatars was initially considered to be nothing more than a graphic design choice. Recently speculation has begun that it might be more of a metaphor, or a hint.

Besides the familiar yellow and green version variations on the logo have appeared hand drawn or hand recreated form in several places. First was the note with the first set of Box coordinates, seen in Slushpops and Suprises. Later, during Centralia, a hand drawn version of the logo can very briefly be seen scratched into the dirt as the boys run past. The logo was also formed in purple tape atop the chest dubbed Box 5.

The yellow arrow on the left is not correctly aligned. It is unclear whether this is deliberate or not.


  • The four arrows represent the four main characters, Jeff, Evan, Vince and Steph.
  • The Four arrows represent a convergence of people or events.
  • It represents a cycle, things returning to center, or restarting.
  • It represents Slenderman, HABIT, The Rake and a unseen monster.

Gallery of OccurencesEdit