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Welcome to EverymanHYBRID Wiki!

EverymanHYBRID is an amateur fitness group that began posting videos to YouTube in March 2010. The cast consisted of three college-aged guys named Vincent (Main Host), Evan (Dietary "Specialist"), and Jeff (Camera and Editing). The videos contained health tips and advice for anybody interested in "the healthy lifestyle on a budget".

From the beginning, a close connection to the audience was important, and friendly relationships were built over the internet. The cast was known to be well versed in internet humor, memes, creepypasta, and popular culture, particularly horror movies and horror based video games, etc.

In the first five entries, a familiar sight may be found as a horrific easter-egg: Slenderman, originating from the SomethingAwful forums. The entity seems way too blatantly placed and the crew was originally criticized for merely creating an awful "Slenderman rip-off series", that is, until their sixth episode, in which their true intentions regarding the "obvious" Slenderman are revealed.

EverymanHYBRID is still in progress and seems as if we are reaching the climax in terms of the story progression. For those who want to catch up, a general timeline of the series has been created. For ease of reading it has been split into Timeline 2010, Timeline 2011Timeline 2012Timeline 2013, Timeline 2014, Timeline 2015, Timeline 2016 and Timeline 2017.

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All EMH videos can be found on the EverymanHYBRID YouTube channel, located here. Alex's videos can be found on his channel, located here. Videos specified as "Not a video on the EMH channel" can be found at their various links.

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