TheGreenFeathers, who was referred to as 'Nick' by the cast in A Day with Green Feathers, (not to be confused with Nick however) is an occasional poster on the UF forums and the SlenderNation forums. He was the only fan who made it to the EverymanHYBRID November 21 Meetup. He posted his own footage of the event in the video "A Day With EverymanHYBRID."

TheGreenFeathers found Box 1.

Some time after that he has posted three controversial videos on his YouTube page. They consisted of footage of trees, staircases, himself walking backwards, and other things that seemed typical of video from a Slenderman series. Comments were disabled for the videos increasing the speculation surrounding them, but no evidence was found to prove that they were significant, or related in any way beyond a fan tribute. "Completely Unrelated /0" included a numerical code at the end of the video that translated to "Sleep Well." These videos, as of 12/22/11, were removed.

On May 8th at 8:34 p.m. HABIT (presumably) tweeted "DON'T TELL VINNY" using the main EMH twitter account. It was accompanied by a photo of Jeff. In the photo Jeff is shown from behind, with blood on his face. Written in marker on his back is "GREEN FEATHERS" and two characters that seem to be "+7."

It was speculated that Green Feathers was being invited to retrieve Box 6. A few days later Green Feathers posted a video entitled Box 6 which showed him retrieving a knife with a note and some ink ribbon from a wooded location. He said in the video description that he had been emailed the coordinates of the location. What the note or ink ribbon said has not been revelaed yet. The next morning he tweeted "Having some family over; I'll upload the contents of what I've found ASAP, today." At 1:12 pm on the same day, GreenFeathers tweeted an album containing pictures of the knife, note and ink ribbon he found. He also included a note stating that he would type a transcript of the ribbon, saying, "I think it might lead to something new."

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