EverymanHYBRID takes place primarily in the area around Princeton, NJ, but they have spread far afield, filming in, or mentioning, locations in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The geocached boxes have also spread across both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This map is an effort to keep track of the locations where things have ocurred.

Blue markers represent filming locations. Red markers represent the location of the boxes. The green markers represent locations seen on the map in the video The Corenthal Connection, their significance is as yet unknown, though one, the nearest to the drop point marked "D" seems to correspond to the location of Jessie's family home in Jim Thorpe, PA.

Blue MarkersEdit

A. Baldpate Mountain, filming location of A Day In The Life, A Day with Green Feathers, Last week/Taking it back, and all of the hidden videos.

B. Lambertville High School, filming location of Cops Checked, No Body.

C. Brooklyn, NY, filming Location of Ashen Waste.

D. Centralia, PA, filming location of Centralia.

Red MarkersEdit

A. Box 1, Found at N 40°18'18.6", W -074°41'5.82", Outside Lawrence Township, NJ.

B. Box 2, Found at N 40° 15' 44.57", W -074° 38' 52.94", in the Mercer County Park, NJ.

C. Box 3, Found at N 40°18'5.065", W -074°52'24.82", just outside Titusville, NJ, near Baldpate Mountain..

D. The Bag, Found at N 40°53'52.74", W -075°45'43.56", near Jim Thorpe, PA.

E. Box 5, Found at N 41°7'16.414", W -075°19'18.649", Near the Memory Town Tavern.

Green MarkersEdit

Perhaps the most mysterious locations; these places appeared as pink or blue marks on a photocopied map seen briefly in the video The Corenthal Connection. Their significance is so far unknown. The uppermost pink mark is near Jim Thorpe, PA, where The Bag was found and where Jessie's family has a home, but so far the other markers do not correspond to any other place in the game. The western pink mark is near the Donaldson/Tremont, PA area. The double blue dots are near Downingtown, PA, and the eastermost blue dot is near Ardmore, PA.