October 7, 2010

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In which I assume the role of a 13 year old MySpace girl.

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"Injustice." is the twenty-fifth video in the EverymanHYBRID series. Evan speaks out about Jeff's decision to call the cops on Damsel for her alleged role in Jessa's disappearance.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

"'CANYOUSEETHEWORDS. She's innocent. Jeff's too frustrated to figure it out."


[Evan is filming himself in a house.]

Evan: Umm, alright. Alright documentary, get a load of this. Umm... apparently, my dear friend Jeffrey seems to be jumping to conclusions and blaming an innocent woman for the disappearance of his girlfriend. Umm. That girl from the Can You See the Words website, who clearly is not guilty of anything except for desperately trying to survive, umm, in this… messed up world and against… messed up happenings. Umm, he apparently went to the police and basically blamed her for everything, saying that, of course, she was the last person to see Jessalyn. Umm, so… now, she's brought into this, and she's in, you know, being interviewed and, you know, god knows what by the friggin’ cops, and of course now the cops do something. [laughs] Hey, great! I still- I'm still awe-awestruck that no one can see what's going on here. But either way, I hope this in some way helps at the very end. You know… I'm just tired of this shit going on and on.

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