"Welcome to the ARK" is one of the "leaked" and possibly non-canon videos. For full coverage of the leaked videos, please see The Leaked Videos.


Welcome to the ARK02:17

Welcome to the ARK

[Video opens with a shot of two people underwater, one choking the other. Cut to Jeff sitting at a computer. He is in one of the boy's basements, presumably Evan's. He is watching one of the crew's earlier fitness videos. There is an underwater sound as the camera man walks toward Jeff.]

Evan: Hey Jeff whatcha doin'? Uhh, what's he have us doing this time?

Jeff: series.

Evan: Fitness? Look at Vinny's hair!

Jeff: It was a long time ago.

Evan: Yeah. I'm gonna go check on Vinny, alright? You OK?

[Jeff nods]

Evan: Alright brother, take it easy.

[Evan walks toward the other side of the room where Vinny is seen sitting with head in his hands.]

Evan: Hey Vin?

[Cut to a clip of Slenderman and Evan from the other leaked video, Slender Man . Cut back to the boys in the basement]

Evan: Vinny?

[Evan puts his hand on Vince's shoulder and he jumps]

Evan: Sorry. Uh, hey man how you doin'?

Vince: I'm alright, can't, can't complain.

Evan: Could you uh, could you show me how to turn the light on this camera? You're always better with technology, you know what I mean?

Vince: The light is already on man. Just give me the camera, I'll, I'll take care of it.

[Vinnie takes hold of the camera showing Evan with bandages attached to his neck using purple duct tape.]

Jeff: [In the background] The computer died...

Vince: You alright man?

Evan: Yeah I'm fine.

Jeff: The computer died.

Vince: That's for the best, just, you were looking at clues that weren't even there.

Jeff: Well, I just thought we could find something.

Vince: There's no, there's no clues, you're just putting yourself through it over and over again.

Jeff: I think that we can find something, why, where we are-

Vince: Where we are-

Jeff: -There are no people on the streets, our phones aren't working-

Vince: Exactly.

Jeff: And where'd the doctor go, man, he was with us an hour ago, where are the girls?

Vince: Was it an hour ago? The sun hasn't been out in three days.

[Slight distortion. Cut to a shot from inside a car showing a bolt of lightning. Cut back to the crew.]

Vince: From what I can tell, like...

Evan: None of our clocks work, or phones, watches, this place is somethin' else.

Vince: We'll figure a way out of here, but right now we gotta, we gotta worry about ourselves. How's your hand doing?

[Vince points the camera down showing that Jeff has bandages on his hand, also attached using purple duct tape. The video cuts to a clip of someone's hand scraping across the floor, also seen in Twenty-four months , accompanied by faint distortion and the sound of heavy breathing. Cut to a quick shot of Slenderman. Cut back to the basement, where the lights turn off. The breathing gets louder.]

Vince: Oh no, oh no, oh no! What was that?

[Camera turns and gives a shot of The Rake crawling across the floor.]

Evan: Oh god it's back, it's back! Get to the lights, get to the lights! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

Vince: Wait up, wait up, wait up!

Evan: Vin, you alright? C'mon, c'mon, c'mon try, we gotcha.

[Camera pans down to reveal Vince has an injury on his knee, covered in bandages and purple tape. Quick cut to a clip of the rake from Cops Checked, No Body]

Jeff: He knows the way out!

Vince: Ah, it's too heavy, Jeff! C'mon, get to the light dude!

Jeff: He knows the way out! Come here!

Evan: No, don't listen man!

Vince: C'mon, Jeff, we can't believe any of this! Jeff!

Jeff: Come here!

[Jeff falls to the ground and is pulled away as there is a loud scream, and the video ends]

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