An inspiration for EverymanHYBRID, Marble Hornets was the first video series in the Slender Man Mythos.

It should be noted that Slenderman was not created by Marble Hornets, but by Something Awful user Victor Surge; Marble Hornets was just the first video series to use the character. In MH, Slenderman is refered to as "The Operator".

Mentions by EverymanHYBRIDEdit

The cast exploited Marble Hornes' rising internet popularity and put the fake Slenderman in their first few videos to get more views, until the real Slenderman began stalking them.

Marble Hornets has been mentioned in EverymanHYBRID a few times; there was a small shout out in Congratulations Magus!.avi when Vince mentions a "Jay of the other series".

In One step forward, two steps back Evan attempts to play the word "wifin" in a game of Scrabble, referencing the "Gimme 20 Dollars" parody meme that grew from Marble Hornets.

Fact or fiction?Edit

In-universe, Marble Hornets seems to be a fictional series. Marble Hornets appears to be the only series referenced within the EMH videos that is fake. The cast of EMH has interacted with the cast of the Darkharvest00, another Slenderman series, (when they help fix their car,) as well as meeting Noah Maxwell from Tribe Twelve, in the video "Noah." While the interaction with Darkharvest00 doesn't include Slenderman, it is obvious that they believe Noah's problems to be as real as their own.

It is possible however that MH is only being interpreted as fictional by the EMH crew, and could be actually real, thus placing MH within the same universe as EMH.


  • The MH creators themselves have said that they like the EverymanHYBRID series.
  • People who are unfamiliar with the Slenderman Mythos should watch Marble Hornets first (and by extension, read the original Something Awful thread) because it focuses more on Slenderman than EverymanHYBRID, which assumes that you already know what "he" is.