"No hysterics. Not yet." is the twenty-first video in the EverymanHYBRID series.

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Heading back up north, soon.

I'll share the postcard with you soon. Maybe you guys will be able to make sense of it.

You know "clues" aren't actually trying to be helpful when they're written in such a cryptic way, huh. It's just someone enjoying messing with you. And nothing more.


[It’s nighttime. Jeff has pulled over by the side of some road; his car is parked real close by. From the beginning to the end of this video, Jeff talks directly to the camera.]

Jeff: Hey, everybody. I basically got to have a sleepover at some county prison last night because apparently they don’t like it when you sucker-punch security guards at an apartment complex. But they understood it was reactionary self-defense. They grabbed me from behind first. What can you do? I came down here looking for a name that keeps coming up on these papers I got. Really don’t know what to make out of it. I just know whoever ends up the trail for me, they messed… they didn’t think I’d have these records. I have some questions for the guys when I get back. You could say that much. Probably be hitting the road... head back up north sometime tonight. If not, I’ll probably sleep on some highway… the edge of some highway or something in ol’ Ironside, eh? Well, I’m alright. Like I said, I know whoever did this knows something. Where she is. Honestly, it’s starting to irritate me, and I’m sure it’s irritated everyone back home. I really just want to ask this to the authorities who choose to ignore us from the beginning… is this enough evidence for you now? It... it’s ridiculous. Try to make contact with you guys soon.

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