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Part 3
Part 303:05

Part 3


Aug 29th, 2015

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The Rake


Part 3 is the seventy-fifth video in the EverymanHYBRID series. It was uploaded on August 29th, 2015.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

No description available


[The video opens to a dirty living room, strewn with what looks like trash and other objects.]

Vince: August 3rd. Can't get the air back on, um.

[Cut to another part of the room. The video appears to have some type of odd coloring on most of the lower half for several seconds.]

Vince: First it was the couch, uh, yesterday. Now it's everything else.

[Cut to a mostly barren refrigerator.]

Vince: Uh, the fridge is...empty, more or less, except for some condiments. Ugh, God. [He closes the refrigerator door.]

[Cut to Vince walking through another room, more trash on the floor.]

Vince: So this is starting to feel really small.

[Cut to a shot of Vince's arm, then the camera pans up to his face. He exhales.]

Vince: Just going back to bed. [The camera pans down to his socked feet as he opens the door and walks partially in.]

[Cut to a grinning, maybe tipsy? Vince, sitting in the bathroom.]

Vince: It's Vinny-freakin'-Everyman. And it's, uh...August 15th.

[He pauses, his mouth twitching slightly in a lopsided smile. The camera pans towards the drinks on the sink counter and then on the floor.]

Vince: Guess we're on that, y'know, bathroom. It smells like fucking shit. [Pan to a shot between the toilet and the counter.] And here's a toilet that doesn't work.

[The camera pans shortly to a close-up of the wooden drawer under the sink counter.]

Vince: [sarcastic] And I'm sitting here, y'know, 'cause I want to! 'Cause I just love fucking being stuck in this goddamn apartment. It's a lot of fun. And hearing people talk out there? [The camera pans back up to Vince's face.] Yeah, that's great. That's good too. Good news, though, is that the air came back on. Bad news is it's fucking freezing, now. [He looks to the side, looking down and to the other side in irritated thought.] Uh, what else? What else can I think of that's bad, what else, what else, what else...[He looks up, then back to the side, taking in a short breath.] People outside, people...listening. [He makes a whistling noise back and forth through his mouth, and looks back towards the camera.] Oh, there's no food. Yeah. There was, for a very long time—someone was bringing me food. Uh, now they're not, I guess they forgot about me. Guess, uh, God turned his back on me, y'know?

[Vince chuckles, and the video gets an overlay of someone placing papers and different objects from one pile to another. They take a close look at what appears to maybe be a laptop before the overlay is cut from the video. The book "House of Leaves" can be seen to the left of who we can assume to be Vince.]


House of Leaves

Vince: Oh, God. Haven't had a sip of real water in a little while, a little quick minute. [He laughs again as he rubs his jaw, smiling sardonically.] And more furniture's missing from out, in the uh, in the room. I don't have a bed anymore. Yeah.

[There's another overlay, showing Vince showing what looks like an envelope with words written on it to the camera. He pulls it down before you can get a better look at it.]


Vince: Why couldn't I just die?

[Two reflections of light cut the overlay from the video. The camera pans away towards the wooden drawer again as he sighs quickly.]

Vince: I'm getting the fuck out of here.

[The camera pans back and forth from a cabinet back to the wooden draw. Vince's hands come into the shot.]

Vince: I promised answers, and they're gonna get fucking answers.

[The camera cuts to black before cutting back to Vince, now out of the bathroom. He hits the camera with something several times, then blows air through his lips. He sounds more positive when he speaks.]

Vince: I figured out, uh, what he wanted me to find. [Minor jumpcut. Vince is shuffling.] Doesn't matter. Not bringing anybody else into this.



  • When Vince rubs his chin at time stamp 2:08, he's wearing a blue Apple Watch. This is either a continuity error or someone is/was also buying Vince luxury items during the time he's been stuck in Apartment 3103.
  • According to YouTube commentator JadeEyes1, the words on the envelope say: "Rabbits 82 and 41 can you sacrifice yourself to the words?"
  • A visit to holds a new entry, presumably written by HABIT, listing several authors and numbers. It's highly probable that this is some form of book cipher, explaining the shot of Vince sorting through books.


  • The "people talking/listening outside" are HABIT and Slenderman.

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