"Rose." is the thirty-eighth video in the EverymanHYBRID series. Vince informs the audience (to Evan's annoyance) of the death and possible murder of Jessie's grandmother, Rose, deepening her connection to Linnie and The Rake. There was also an accompanying newspaper article.

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[The three boys are in Vince's basement, part of which is made up to resemble a bar. Close up on Vinny. Jeff and Evan are in the background, talking consistently through the video, though not much of what they say can be made out.]

Vince: How's it going Hybrids? It's Vin... uhm... This is kind of hard to say but I think that we should say it just to document it so that you guys know. We were going to go question Jessie about Dr. Corenthal, and we decided to hold off a bit just because we found out... uhm... it's with a heavy heart that I tell you this.. that her grandmother was murdered recently. And, uh...

Evan: What the fuck are you... the fuck are you doing? [He stands and moves from behind Vin.]

Vince: They should know, Evan. They have to know. They have to know.

Evan: [Over Vin.] They should know jack shit! We're not fucking talking about this on the fucking camera.

Vince: Leave it... [Evan grabs the camera.]

Evan: Are fuck-- [Video cuts out.]


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