"Slappa' tha' bass(ah)." is the ninth video posted on Alex's WickedStickyAlex channel. Alex goes to a "Free Drink Refills" show, shows off Sparky's new bed, and plays "Higher Ground" with his own band.

Youtube DescriptionEdit

Originally the description read "hello again, world!" but was later changed to "hello again, small clip of my gig, had to cut half the song for time sake"


[Video opens with a band onstage, about to play.]

Man on stage: Thank you all again for coming out, we really appreciate it. We got one more tune for you guys. Chances are you'll recognize this one as well, and, uh... here we go.

[They begin to play Hotel California. At the first note a title card appears saying "The Free Drink Refills first show of 2011." When the video switches back to the band the camera pans across them and names appear under the various band members. They read L. Kelly (RN), A. Rossum (MD), H. Booth (Facilities), C. Toff (Finance) and John Mayner Jr. (Student). As the band plays the song the camera pans back to find Alex. At the lyric "my head grew heavy" the video skips and repeats the lyric. The camera holds on Alex briefly, then pans back to the band.]

[Cut to Alex in the bathroom of his home, filming himself in the mirror.]

Alex: Hey guys. WickedSticky, and I'm back. After about, a couple months of doing nothing... I apologize I had some things going on in my life... I'm back. And I'm going to have a lot more videos coming out. And uh... again, I apologize. This video I will show you the gig I playe a couple days ago with a few of my friends. I hope you enjoy it. Actually, I have something else to show you. [He leaves the bathroom and walks to his room. Sparky is on a large leopard print dog bed.] Who's on her bed I just bought her? Are you on your bed that you make funky-time on? Yeah? Good girl. [He turns and heads back to the bathroom.] My apologies. So... Again, more videos and I'm sorry. See you guys.

[Cut back to the same venue as before. Alex is onstage with three other boys, playing bass. They play "Higher Ground" as the video ends. You can hear Jeff screaming for him as the song ends.]


  • This is The Free Drink Refills' first time on camera but they had been mentioned previously in the video "Damsel" and the Hospital Fire podcast.
  • Hotel California was also heard in Ashen Waste.
  • The video skip during Hotel California also happened when that song was heard during Ashen Waste.
  • The rest of this video was uploaded on Jeffrey's OOG youtube account here (Non-canon).
  • John Mayner was the housekeeper that was killed in the fire described in HospitalFire.wav, which took place the night the Hybrids broke Damsel out of the mental ward.

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