Dear Dragonet_3942,

I'm going to disregard the fact that you seem to have a loose grasp of English and may not even understand what it is I'm trying to iterate here in order to tell you that you are nothing but an annoyance.

The nature of a wiki is such that it doesn't need security. As long as there are users around who know how to use a mouse (nope, you don't even need a keyboard), changes to a wiki can be reverted. We will just keep undoing the shit you post on here until you get bored and go away.

This wiki is "out of game". I'm not even sure if any of the slendervloggers read the wiki, let alone make any changes—but the reach of their characters certainly doesn't extend here. Any HABIT-esque behaviour, any "entity" posting on the wiki is just another lame old game-jacker who has too much free time, too little a life, and who requires more attention than he/she deserves. If you want to be a cool character in a cool slender series, go make one. Don't cling on to someone else's creation that someone else has worked their butt off for. You've no right to someone else's art unless that person says so.

I have the source code of the main page saved to my hard drive, so you can change it all you want, but it will be changed back.

No more funny business and no gamejacking. You're just pissing people off and embarassing yourself.

Sincerest regards,

Hannartt (talk) 10:14, March 20, 2014 (UTC)

With that said, then. I've already confirmed that I never tried to gamejack, and are also a pure member of a hacking group based in India, and only wanna wreck this Wiki just for a little bit of fun; seems like it's already true that people never took their time to make a factual conclusion on something or  eitherwise read a statement I've released yesterday.



Hitting an "edit" button doesn't constitute hacking. A five-year-old could do it.Wrecking things that other people need, and other people again have put a lot of time into, is just a crappy thing to do. I've made a perfectly "factual conclusion" and read all your "statements", including the one you just tried to post on my talk page, and the odd thing with the links you just tried to do on this page. You're annoying. Now, be gone.

Hannartt (talk) 10:53, March 20, 2014 (UTC)


I would like to see where have you considered to make a perfectly factual conclusion on my dicking-arounds on this Wiki. Because everything I am seeing here is just speculations that I am trying to gamejack, and you too, seems to be following the conclusions that I was just a mere of a gamejack. And I'm not leaving until I see a crystal change on this Wiki.


Facts: You posted codes on various parts of the wiki, including PGP and some other bull (something a lot of Slenderverse baddies do). You pretended to be some sort of "entity", external to the content and discussions of  the wiki. You're threatening to do things if we don't do what you want, which is a very game-jacky thing to do. You apparently affected more than one Slenderman wiki. Because you've realised the people on here are smarter than you, you've tried to turn this whole thing on its head by saying you're not a game-jacker, you're a hacker—though everyone who's been using the internet for more than a year knows a hacker wouldn't waste his/her time doing such petty annoying things.

Conclusion: You're a game-jacker. There's your factual conclusion. I won't be replying again.

Hannartt (talk) 11:08, March 20, 2014 (UTC)