The Bag (previously thought to be Box #4) was found at N 40 53.879, W -075 45.726, outside Jim Thorpe, PA. The coordiantes were found on the back of the business card found by Alex during Business Cards on a Plane.

It was retrieved by Unforum member ladymatsuya and friends on October 30, 2010. Much like the uniqueness of "Box" #3 (which is not truly a box), The Bag is a blue draw-string bag, adorned with four large paw print graphics. While it proved difficult to open, the effort was worth it. The bag contained:

  • One 32 oz. bottle of Powerade Mountain Berry Blast (Blue)
  • A red-stained yellow envelope addressed to Linnie, with the phrase "Find them everymanHYBRID" on the reverse side

The envelope contained:

  • A letter to Linnie on yellow paper
  • Further papers from Dr. Corenthal (Slightly water-damaged)



  • Jessie's family has a home near where the bag was found.


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