On May 8th at 8:34 p.m. HABIT (presumably) tweeted "DON'T TELL VINNY" using the main EMH twitter account. It was accompanied by a photo of Jeff.

In the photo, Jeff is shown from behind with blood on his face and back. Written in marker on his back is "GREEN FEATHERS", referring to TheGreenFeathers, the only fan who showed up at the November 21 Meetup and also the finder of Box 1. He was later emailed a set of coordinates that led him to Box 6.

Below his name is "+7." This seems to refer to the seven remaining Rabbits who, as part of what HABIT called "Extra Innings" in the Seven Trials, were sent pieces of ink ribbon (among other items) that continued the document on the ink ribbon retrieved by Green Feathers in Box 6.

Jeff's whereabouts, or when the photo was taken, are not known.

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