Late on June 16th, 2011, Noah Maxwell of the web series Tribe Twelve tweeted "Got a strange envelope in the mail. No return address. Opening now." At the time it was assumed that this referred to something related to the Observer, a mysterious figure who had been plaguing him. But the following day he posted a video revealing that the envelope had come from HABIT. It contained four items:

  • A Polaroid picture of Noah's cousin Milo, someone named Mary (Either Maryann Corenthal or Milo's mom, though Noah states that it is the latter in the video), and Dr. Corenthal with their faces scratched out in black.
  • A partially burned letter from Dr. Corenthal detailing the period when Milo was in his care.
  • A piece of the Centralia Note.
  • and a screen grab from one of Noah's videos with the inscriptions "We're all just creatures of" "NOT AN OBSERVER" "JUST AN OLD CONNECTION" "YOURS,"

The envelope was decorated with an "X" in purple tape, and was inscribed "Ashes Ashes" and "We all fall down."


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