Due to the longevity of this series, and in order to aid in the readability of the timeline, it has been split by year. Please see Timeline 2010, Timeline 2011, Timeline 2012, Timeline 2013 and Timeline 2014 for the previous years, Timeline 2016 for the following year and Timeline 2017 for the current year.

This timeline is intended to reflect events that have happened since the beginning of the game, as they have unfolded. For character history, and past events that impact the game please see the In-Game Timeline.




Video "christmas." posted.

A mirror version of Steph's blog CanYouSeeTheWords is published, but with the website title changed to "Stop Watching".

EverymanHYBRID tweets a link to an audio file called "second set of ears" that syncs up to the christmas. video.




HABIT posted to Canyouseethewords. The post contained a list of "entertainment" HABIT suggested for Vince that he apparently hadn't touched in the seven months he'd been in his current apartment. HABIT told readers to get the list to Vince. It was posted under the hashtag "#CallH1m".  


Unfiction user RandomGuy26 obtained the number to a cell phone HABIT left with Vinny and called it to inform Vinny of HABIT's list of entertainment. Vinny responded that he would look around the apartment and call back if he needed help.


Video "Apt 3103" posted.
Video "Part II" posted.
Video "Part 3" posted.

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