Due to the longevity of this series, and in order to aid in the readability of the timeline, it has been split by year. Please see Timeline 2010, Timeline 2011, Timeline 2012, Timeline 2013, Timeline 2014, Timeline 2015 and Timeline 2016 for the previous years, and Timeline 2018 for the current year.

This timeline is intended to reflect events that have happened since the beginning of the game, as they have unfolded. For character history and past events that impact the game, please see the In-Game Timeline.


Someone, presumably HABIT, posts on CanYouSeeTheWords, writing '82 and 41, contact here.'
Rabbit #041 posted on tumblr that they received a floppy disk in the mail, labelled only "DRKWND".

June Edit

Reddit user Alexgweeneyo unlocked the DRKWND files using the password 'home213', as hinted at by Vince in the video christmas.

July Edit

Reddit user thesharp0ne sent a letter to the post office box listed in the "Contact" section of William Davidson's website.

October Edit

Reddit user thesharp0ne received a reply to their letter instructing them to expect a package in the mail.

November Edit

Reddit user thesharp0ne received the Roberts Package.