Tradition. is the seventy-seventh video in the EverymanHYBRID series. It was uploaded on December 25th, 2016.



December 25th, 2016

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[The shot opens to Vince sitting in a chair, with part of a large Christmas tree in view to our left. Vince is the only person who speaks in this video.]

Vince: Merry Christmas, Hybrids. It is... December 24th, I'm told. And I was asked, by HABIT, to make a little video. "It's tradition," he said.

[The shot suddenly cuts to two clips of A Vinny/HYBRID Christmas and Christmas. The color is gray-toned and slightly fuzzy, and the sound is distorted. Together, they last no longer than a second. Cut back to Vince.]

Vince: [sighs slightly] I know what you guys saw. [He shakes his head slightly] And, uh, I can't explain it myself. I can almost remember it, putting the gun to my head, and anyway, the next thing I remembered after that was obviously waking up, and you know, being trapped forever. Which, same shit different day, 'cause here—here I am. But, uh, HABIT keeps stopping by and, uh, told me to be ready. He keeps running around saying, "New year, new me," so that's his mantra, I guess. He also keeps giving and taking away access of the Internet, but from what I've seen, something's happening out there too. I know some of you are getting things in the mail. I would advise, advise against you helping. But if you're gonna absolutely help, please, please be safe. [Vince sighs] I don't know what else he wants me to do, but- [the shot blacks out for one second] Oh. Those hidden videos we thought were a hoax all those years ago? Not that it means anything, but I can see 'em. Anyway, merry Christmas, Hybrids.

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  • Vince confirms at the end of the video that he can now see the hidden videos on the channel.

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