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"Troll Catch" is the second video posted on Alex's WickedStickyAlex channel. In it, Alex attempts to prank Jeff using a fake "Slenderman". Jeff is not impressed.

Youtube DescriptionEdit

He's still a little sensitive. Just trying to lighten things up. And by the way, I apologized afterwards


[Outdoors, the back deck at Jeff and Alex's house. Alex is playing catch with Sparky. Jeff is beside him playing idly on a guitar.]

Alex: Hey, fellas. Not much going on today. I had off from school for an amazing holiday I've never heard about. There's Jefe. [He pans over and shows Jeff.] There's Pig. [Sparky runs back up onto the porch.]

Jeff: How did that name ever come up?

Alex: Chief?

Jeff: No, no, "Pig" out of Sparky?

Alex: I have no idea.

Jeff: Sparky-pig?

Alex: She's fat.

Jeff: Sparkplug? Sparkpig? I used to call Jessa "Bunny."

Alex: Dude. It... just get over her. [Jeff mumbles.] There's so many more girls out there.

Jeff: What do you mean dude? We didn't break up. Like...

Alex: Jeff. Seriously. You're just... She just... left dude. The sooner you realize that the sooner it's gonna get easy.

Jeff: What do you want me to say?

Alex: Wait... I... I think I see something in the yard. [Jeff mumbles.] Just come with me, let's go check this out. C'mon Pig. [They move through the yard, past a small decorative pond and plantings until they come on a stick figure made of vacuum attachments, a bottle, and a red tie.]

Jeff: Are you fucking kidding me? [Alex laughs.] Seriously man?

Alex: Wha? I was just kidding dude. [Jeff turns to go back to the deck.]

Jeff: You don't get what you're... [Yelling from near the house.] You don't get it man.

Alex: You know, it's a joke. [He knocks the Slenderman effigy over.]

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