Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but coming so close to the new year I need some help of sorts? Yeah, I guess it's help XD

Anyways, I'm looking to upload various umm not books, but like chapters (?) online of funny/quirky/whatever you want to call them, to hopefully make someone's day and start the year off fresh. I'm collecting ideas from various places, and piecing them together (including some of my own wonderfully poor ideas) and mashing them into one big joy ride, kinda XD

I'm preferably looking for unusual yet humorous things that can put a smile on people's faces (obviously including yours) but won't cause offence to anyone as some are sadly sensitive. Also looking for little things like facts, random questions, funny sayings, short jokes, quirky riddles, funny and short poems, you get the idea. Maybe even little pictures too (although I'm not sure how to upload them on some websites >.< ). So um yeah, any of these will do great and help thank you! You can even make your own if you wished! Be it corny or witty. I have things like rats being ticklish so anything along that kind of stupid humour really ^.^'

Any help for this is highly appreciated! Thanks for reading XP


Sorry to add, forgot to say funny songs or lyrics count XP

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