On October 11, 2017, reddit user thesharp0ne received a letter from William Davidson in response to the letter he sent to Davidson's post office box. Dated September 28, it outlines that Davidson is unable to answer any of the questions posed to him, but that an "unnamed client" had left instructions for a package to be sent should a letter containing such questions be received by Davidson's office. Davidson says his office has had the package for "quite some time", and apologizies if it contained anything perishable.


"Dear J,

I will try to keep this brief. I do not know where James Corenthal is and sometimes wish he would update me himself. He is one of my clients and if he has been in touch, I would appreciate you enlightening me. It's 2017 and he still has me more or less paging him.

I do not know the significance of those names. I work in the Greater New York area so please understand that I know many Vincents. I will not speculate further.

Please be kinder with your words. I had my nephew work on the website as he is attending community college for web design or computers or something. My firm conducts much of its business traditionally and is not in dire need of a flashy website or social media. Although I do enjoy when my nephew shows me Vine videos. I think that's a medium that's here to stay.

However, in unrelated matters, I do have instructions to follow upon receiving a letter such as yours. Per the understanding between myself and my client who as per their wishes, will remain unnamed I will send you a sealed personal package that has been in the care of my firm for some time now. I apologize if there was anything perishable enclosed. As I had mentioned before, the understanding between my client and myself has language for this situation and means of correspondence.

Thank you for your understanding. In the coming weeks, I intend on being away for a period of time and shall have my office relay any emergency matters, but do not believe we can be of futher assistance pertaining to this package.

W. Davidson"


  • It is revealed in the Princeton Tapes that the unnamed client is Princeton Tapes Vincent, and the 'sealed personal package' is what Princeton Vince considers his 'living will of sorts', the Princeton Tapes.